Competition Team Director - Katey Winget

Assistant Team Director - Marcus Johnson


Dance Floor's Team is focused on the serious dancer. The team is one of the most highly regarded in the country and regularly receives the highest placements and awards at prestigious regional and national competitions. This team is made up of well-rounded dancers who excel in all styles of dance.


Dancers must audition in the summer to participate in the following year's competition season. Dancers wishing to audition are encouraged to attend open ballet and jazz classes during the summer and are REQUIRED to attend the Summer Intensive.


If selected, our competition directors determine the placement of students on the team and the number of competitive routines given to a dancer.

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NUVO Dance Convention & Competition

Memphis Tennessee November 10-12, 2017

Teen Solos:

Tied for 8th Overall Maegen Fleming & Molly Robinson, 10th Overall Gabi Aydt

Senior Solos:

10th Overall Vivian Neal

Teen Extended Line:

Everlasting Sigh 2nd Place Overall & Best “NU” Group Award

Scholarship Awards:

Senior “Break Out” Artist Kayla Hoover, Musical Theatre Bella Bahr, Jazz/Contemporary Alyssa Kendrick, Maddy Oliver and Kennedy Willhite




JUMP Dance Convention

St. Louis Missouri December 8-10, 2017

Scholarship Awards:

Milena Mendonca Mini VIP Runner Up, Natalie Boyles (Jazz/Contemporary), Olivia Decker (Jazz/Contemporary), Jules Harris (Jazz/Contemporary & Ballet), Kayla Kozielek(Jazz/Contemporary), Alessandra Mendonca (Tap), Gabriella Fehl (Musical Theater), Clara Hines(Musical Theater), Julie Kozielek(Musical Theater), Sarah Musgraves(Musical Theater), & Kahley Sheen (Musical Theater)




VELOCITY Dance Convention & Competition

St. Louis Missouri January 5-7, 2018

Junior Small Group Overalls:

Beat 3rd Place Overall (1st Place in Jazz), End of the World 7th Place Overall (3rd Place in Contemporary)

Junior Large Group Overalls:

Bass Drop Bigger 1st Place Overall (1st Place in Hip Hop), Work 3rd Place Overall (2nd Place in Hip Hop)

Teen Small Group Overalls:

Awoo 3rd Place Overall (2nd Place in Jazz),

Teen Large Group/Line:

Everlasting Sigh 3rd Place Overall (1st Place in Contemporary)

Senior Small Groups:

Mandalay 1st Place Overall (1st Place in Lyrical), Ending 2nd Place Overall (1st Place in Contemporary)


Burning Love 1st Place Overall (1st Place in Jazz)

Scholarship Awards:

Rylee Carlson Mini Regional, Campbell Bahr Junior MVA Runner Up, Olivia Decker Tour Scholarship, Jules Harris Junior Evolving Artist in Ballet & Junior MVA Runner Up, Isabella Fehl Teen Evolving Artist in Ballet, Kayla Hoover Senior MVA Runner Up, Clara Lieber Junior Regional, Alyssa Kendrick Senior Regional, Milena Mendonca Junior Tour, Maddy Oliver Teen Season Finale, Sophie Sepko Teen MVA Runner Up, Kahley Sheen Junior Regional, Kennedy Willhite Senior Regional





Kirkwood High School February 16-18, 2018

Petite Shooting Star Achievement Awards:

Bugle Boy Entertainment Award, Shake Your Groove Thing Choreography Award

Petite Shooting Star Group Awards:

Shake Your Groove Thing 1st Overall Small Group & Highest Scoring Number, Bugle Boy 1st Overall Large Gp

Junior Elite Star Achievement Awards:

Girl With The Red Balloon Choreography Award, Breathe Intensity Award, It Don’t Mean A Thing Fabulous Feet Award

Junior Solo Elite Star:

Benediction 5th Overall, It Don’t Mean A Thing 10th Overall

Junior Duet/Trio Elite Star:

Breathe 1st Overall, A Little Party 6th Overall, Big Band 7th Overall, I’m A Lady 8th Overall

Junior Elite Star Small Group Awards:

Beat 1st Overall, Don’t Worry About Me 7th Overall, End Of The World 8th Overall,

Junior Production/Line Elite Star Achievement Awards:

Burning Love Entertainment Award, Grande Piano Choreography Award, Bass Drop Bigger SwagTastic Award

Junior Lg GroupElite Star:

Bass Drop Bigger 1st Overall, Grande Piano 2nd Overall, Chaconne 5th Overall, Work 6th Overall

Junior Production/Line Elite Star:

Burning Love 1st Overall & Highest Scoring Number

Studio Excel Award:

Renee’s Dance Floor

Teen Elite Star Achievement Awards:

Cuz I’m A Woman Entertainment Award, Dust In The Wind Choreography Award, Heartbreaker Showmanship Award, Still Precision Award

Teen Elite Star Solos:

Dancing On My Own 3rd Overall, Cuz I’m A Woman 5th Overall, Deep End 8th Overall, Heartbreaker 10th Overall, Instruction 15th Overall

Teen Elite Star Duet/Trios:

Take Control 2nd Overall, I Remember Her 3rd Overall, White Winter Hymnal 5th Overall, Still 7th Overall

Teen Elite Star Small Group Achievement Awards:

Mandalay Choreography Award, Awoo Costume Award, Daydreaming Intensity Award, Lavish Diva Award

Teen Elite Star Small Group Awards:

Mandalay 1st Overall & Highest Point Small Group, Unworthy 2nd Overall, Lavish 4th Overall, Daydreaming 6th Overall

Teen Elite Star Large Group Achievement Awards:

Everlasting Sigh Choreography Award, MJ Mix Technical Excellence Award

Teen Elite Star Large Group Awards:

MJ Mix 4th Overall, Heartless 5th Overall

Teen Elite Star Line Awards:

Everlasting Sigh 1st Overall

Senior Elite Star Achievement Awards:

Pulse Achievement Award, Ocean Eyes Precision Award

Senior Elite Star Solo Awards:

Waiting 3rd Overall, Disconnect 8th Overall, Ocean Eyes 11th Overall, Dog Years 14th Overall, Michael 15th Overall

Senior Elite Star Duet/Trio Awards:

Pulse 1st Overall, You 2nd Overall

Senior Elite Star Small Group Awards:

Ending 1st Overall & Highest Point Small Group

Kayla Hoover & Kennedy Willhite Stage One Stars for STL




Masquerade Dance Competition

Collinsville, IL April 13-15 2018

Petite Gold Small Group Awards:

Shake Your Groove Thing 3rd Overall

Junior Purple Solo Awards:

 Benediction 1st Overall & Jules Harris Parade of Stars Winner

Junior Purple Duet/Trio Awards:

Breathe 1st Overall, Big Band 4th Overall

Teen Purple Solo Awards:

Dancing On My Own 11th Overall & Maegen Fleming Parade of Stars Winner, Natalie Boyles Judges Award

Teen Purple Duet/Trio Awards:

I Remember Her 4th Overall

Teen Purple Groups:

Unworthy 1st Overall, Lavish 6th Overall, Awoo 9th Overall & Encore Nominee

Senior Purple Solo Awards:

Waiting 18th Overall

Senior Purple Groups:

Mandalay 10th Overall



Mark of Excellence Dance Competition

St. Charles, MO April 26-28 2018

Mark of the Future Group Awards:

Bugle Boy 2nd Overall & Choreography Award, Shake Your Groove Thing 4th Overall

Junior Int. Solo Awards:

Conga 9th Overall, I’ll Be Alright 10th Overall

Junior Elite Solo Awards:

Benediction 2nd Overall, Pretty Girls 4th Overall, Le Jazz Hot 8th Overall

Junior Elite Groups Awards:

Beat 2nd Overall & Choreography Award, Don’t Worry About Me 5th Overall, How Far I’ll Go 6th Overall

Junior Elite Large Group:

Work 2nd Overall

Junior Elite Duet/Trio Awards:

Big Band 3rd Overall, Breathe 4th Overall, I’m A Lady 7th Overall, Turn The Beat Around 8th Overall, Requiem of Water 9th Overall

Teen Elite Solo Awards:

Dancing On My Own 3rd Overall & Maegen Fleming Solo Master Winner, Dust In The Wind 10th Overall

Teen Elite Duet/Trio Awards:

I Remember Her 3rd Overall, Still 4th Overall, White Winter Hymnal 9th Overall, Take Control 10th Overall

Teen Elite Group Awards:

Unworthy 1st Overall, Lavish 3rd Overall & Choreography Award, Awoo 5th Overall

Teen Elite Lg Group/Line Awards:

Everlasting Sigh 1st Overall & Choreography Award, Bass Drop Bigger 4th Overall, Grande Piano 5th Overall, MJ Mix 6th Overall, Chaconne 9th Overall

Teen Elite Production Awards:

Burning Love 4th Overall

Senior Elite Solo Awards:

Waiting 10th Overall & Kayla Hoover Solo Master Contemporary Category Winner, Maddy Oliver Solo Master Jazz Category Winner

Senior Elite Duet/Trio Awards:

Pulse 2nd Overall, You 3rd Overall

Senior Elite Group Awards:

 Mandalay 1st Overall, Daydreaming 5th Overall, Ending 7th Overall

Senior Elite Large Group Awards:

Heartless 5th Overall




Spotlight Dance Cup

Chesterfield MO, May 19-20 2018

Novice Gem Groups:

Shake Your Groove Thing 2nd Overall Ruby Winner

Junior Elite Gem Solos:

Benediction 1st Overall Diamond Winner & “Cut Above” Spotlight Winner & Jules Harris Junior Dance Down Winner, Pretty Girls 2nd Overall Ruby Winner & Choreography Award, Conga “Cover Girl” Judges Award

Junior Elite Gem Duet/Trios:

Breathe 1st Overall Diamond Winner, Big Band 2nd Overall Ruby Winner & “Showmanship” Spotlight Award

Junior Elite Gem Groups: Beat

1st Overall Diamond Winner & All Star Group Award, Don’t Worry About Me “Outstanding Costume” Spotlight Award, How Far I’ll Go “Picture Perfect” Judges Award

Teen Elite Gem Solos:

Dancing On My Own 2nd Overall Ruby Winner, Heartbreaker 4th Overall Sapphire Winner & “Left Us Wanting More” Judges Award

Teen Elite Gem Duet/Trios:

I Remember Her 1st Overall Diamond Winner, White Winter Hymnal 2nd Overall Ruby Winner & “Perfect Partnering” Judges Award, Light “Exquisitely Expressive” Judges Award

Teen Elite Gem Sm. Groups:

Unworthy 1st Overall Diamond Winner & Choreography Award Winner, Awoo “Amazing Awareness” Judges Award & Industry Dance Jazz Nominee, Daydreaming “Cut Above” Spotlight Award, Lavish “Slammin’ Style” Judges Award

Teen Elite Gem Large Groups/Productions:

 Everlasting Sigh 1st Overall Diamond Winner, Burning Love 2nd Overall Ruby Winner

Senior Elite Gem Solos:

Waiting 2nd Overall Ruby Winner, Michael 8th Overall, Heartstrings 9th Overall, Cuz I’m A Woman 10th Overall, Kennedy Willhite Senior Dance Down Winner

Senior Elite Gem Duet/Trios:

Pulse 2nd Overall Ruby Winner

Senior Elite Gem Sm. Groups:

Mandalay 1st Overall & Industry Dance Lyrical Nominee



RDF Competition Team Awards:

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